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Event coverage and streaming

Alrighty! You must be looking for video and event streaming services? You'll be glad to know our service is designed to help you reach an audience that cannot attend in person. It's up to you what you use that service for... award ceremonies, congress, conference, keynote speeches, product launches, global management meetings, panel discussions and training.

If fears around COVID-19 look likely to postpone your event, don't let corona virus write off your plans - stream your event instead!

Even for smaller events and virtual meetings, don't be left struggling to stream from your laptop or manage it yourself, engage LIQUONA for professional streaming services that mean your event has the best attendance and lowest drop out rate.

Services include:

  • Multi-camera filming coverage
  • Live mixing and output to venue screens
  • Webcasting
  • Post event edit

And as well as streaming your event live as it happens, we can also make an 'event film' about your event, recording it for future promotion and frankly to show everyone else what they missed out on. See examples of our event films here.

What's included?

It depends on what you need. Coverage starts from just one camera, right up to multi-camera events with a range of crew on site.

A typical setup includes three cameras and a live mixing unit.  A director will have live communication with each camera operator and edits live between the cameras.  This creates a 'live mix' that is streamed to the internet as the output, just like in a live TV broadcast.

The live stream

The live stream can be uploaded straight onto your website, social media, or it can be a private link with password protection; we'll sort it.

How does the livestream work?

If you are streaming to a small online audience (less than 1000 people) then we can usually stream using the location's internet.  Please ensure that the location can supply a hard wired ethernet connection (not wifi), without a firewall on the connection.

If your live stream is going to be viewed by more than 1000 people, we recommend reserving dedicated bandwidth to guarantee a good connection, all of which we can help with.

Call us with any questions.

What does it cost?

  • 1 camera coverage from £2,999 + VAT
  • 2 camera coverage from £3,999 + VAT
  • 3 camera coverage from £4,499 + VAT

Please call for a bespoke quote and to tell us more about your requirements.

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