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      Can Video Help With Recruitment?

      Yes it can!

      Video is one of the most powerful tools you have available to you to show off your organisation.

      Recruitment videos work for:

      • Attracting quality talent

      • Attracting the right kind of applicant

      • Graduate recruitment

      • Volunteer recruitment

      See some case studies below

      Loomis Driver Recruitment

      This film was produced to attract the right applicants for Loomis.

      One of the challenges for Loomis was that many applicants didn't understand the job that they were applying for. This film was designed to attract the right kind of talent, and to showcase the job.

      The film was used in paid advertising and all applicants were made to watch the film before applying.

      After the campaign Loomis reported a significant improvement in applicant quality, and most importantly, staff retention once in the job.

      Surrey Fire and Rescue

      Liquona worked with Surrey Fire and Rescue service to produce an advert that would attract more diverse applicants. Surrey told Liquona that they didn't struggle attracting applicants, they were struggling to attract women and BAME applicants. This film was designed to highlight that issue and the results speak for themselves:


      This ad attracted 7.42% female applicants, almost double the previous year's!

      This ad also attracted 20.56% BAME applicants, more than a twelve fold increase on previous years!

      RMA Recruitment awards - best video GOLD winner

      Bytes Recruitment Film

      The objective for this film was simple: show the viewer what a career at Bytes is like.

      The film was designed to be high energy, with personality, showing the what it is like to be a part of the Bytes team.

      The film was a huge success and attributed to significant growth at Bytes and most importantly, attracting high quality talent.

      Royal College of Psychiatry - Choose Psychiatry

      This multiple award winning recruitment film was created to encourage medical students to choose psychiatry preferred specialism.

      RCPsych were faced with the challenge of filling all the training places available for medical students to choose to specialise in psychiatry.  3 years later, and after several annual Choose Psychiatry campaigns, which have centred around an impactful campaign video, the trend has been drastically reversed!

      NHS figures now show that there are almost 5 applicants per psychiatry role! This has significantly helped the UK to train and recruit the quality and number of psychiatrists needed at a time of mental health crisis.

      Surrey County Council Fostering Recruitment

      This recruitment animation was created in partnership with Surrey County Council to help recruit foster carers. The campaign involved billboards, digital billboards, a TV advert, a radio advert, and a master campaign video.

      We're a small council and were experiencing a flag in enquiries. Taking part in this campaign helped turn that frown upside down and generate some enquiries.

      IBMS Routes To Registration

      This recruitment campaign video was created as part of a wider campaign to recruit biomedical scientists. The video is designed to reach 16 to 25 year olds so had to be beautiful and engaging.


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      • Do recruitment videos work?
        YES! Recruitment videos are a very powerful way to demonstrate culture within an organisation. They also work very well with advertising and generating interest in the organisation.
      • How much does a recruitment video cost?
        Every recruitment video will vary in production costs. Typical campaigns will start from about £10,000 + VAT.
      • What makes an engaging recruitment video
        Culture, energy, honesty, and production values. Keep your video short, invest in the pre-production to understand as much as possible about the target audience. By understanding what makes them tick you can design the video to appeal to them.
      • How to measure the success of a recruitment campaign
        We are always working with our clients to ensure they have metrics set in place before starting the campaign. This helps to benchmark the success.
      • Do I need to write my own recruitment video script
        No, when working with Liquona for your recruitment video production we will work with you in the pre-production to understand your needs and present all the creative options to you.