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      Testimonial Videos With Liquona

      Liquona’s testimonial video production services have been used by organisations from a wide range of industries, from non-profits to tech startups, and everything in between.

      Testimonial videos are a great way to give your audience confidence in your organisation. They’re more engaging than written case studies, and because they feature real people who your audience can relate to, they can be much more persuasive than direct sales content.

      What are testimonial videos?

      Testimonial videos are short films where a person shares the experience they have had of using a product or service, or just generally interacting with an organisation. 

      Often a testimonial video will be created to give a potential customer confidence in working with an organisation, or that a product will deliver the benefits it claims to provide. 

      But testimonial videos don’t just need to be about helping you to sell more. They can be used to help with your recruitment by giving candidates an insight into the culture and colleagues they’ll be working with. They can help promote events by showcasing feedback from people who attended similar events in the past. They can also be used to engage your workforce, particularly those away from the frontline, by showcasing the impact that an organisation has had on the wider community that your employees might not be aware of.


      Benefits of using testimonial videos for your organisation

      Build trust:

      Testimonial videos provide social proof that your product or service delivers as promised. Hearing from real people about their experiences builds trust among your target audience. This human connection can be very persuasive and relatable, particularly when featuring people with similar wants, needs and values to the viewer.

      Engage your audience:

      Video content is more engaging than text, making it easier to capture and retain the viewer's attention. People are more likely to watch a video testimonial than read a lengthy written one.

      Emotional impact:

      Video testimonials can evoke emotions more effectively than text, and for communications to drive change you need both information and emotion. When viewers see and hear the emotions of satisfied customers, it can resonate deeply and influence their decision-making.

      How our video testimonial production process works

      Like every project we work on, the first step in our process is to understand you and your goals for this project. 

      We’ll understand your audience, who they are, what they do, the questions or concerns they might have, and what would convince them that you’re the right organisation for them. We’ll also want to understand your existing ambassadors, be they customers, employees or other stakeholders, and hear from them about how their lives have been impacted positively by your organisation. 

      From here, we’ll start sketching out a plan of action, from the people, the locations and the messages we want to hit, through to the specific questions we’re going to ask your ambassadors. Once this is all agreed, we’ll shoot the video and edit the footage to showcase the highlights in a way that weaves a compelling story for your audience.

      We work closely with you throughout the entire process so that we produce a film that achieves your objectives.

      Why choose Liquona to create your video testimonials?


      We have decades of experience in producing video content for a whole host of organisations and objectives so we know what we can achieve for a given budget and we always stick to that promise. 


      We’ve been recognised as a Television Top 40 production company, meaning third-party experts trust us to provide excellent services. 


      Our production team have worked for organisations including the BBC, and can tease out stories from your ambassadors that captivate and persuade your audience. 

      In fact, don’t just take our word for it, check out the testimonial videos of some of our clients.

      Are you looking to grow your business?

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