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      What are case study videos?

      Case study videos are a powerful way to bring personality to your organisation and show the impact your products and services can make. 

      Because case study videos feature real-life examples of people’s experiences with your organisation, they can help your target market relate to the situation, add some personality and emotion to the facts and figures, and better understand who you are and why they should care. 

      They can add credibility to your organisation too. Think about it. If you meet a bloke called Dave at a party and he tells you how great he is at something, you probably think he’s either misguided or arrogant. But if you’re chatting to someone else, and they tell you how amazing Dave is and how he’s helped them to achieve things they never thought possible, you’ll probably believe them, and you’ll probably want to meet Dave yourself.

      Why work with Liquona to produce your case study videos?

      At Liquona, we're more than just a video production company; we're your partner in making you shine. 

      For every project we undertake, including producing video case studies, we take the time to truly understand your brand and your objectives, and we’ll bring fresh and innovative ideas from our wealth of experience in both broadcast TV and commercial film production.

      Our results speak for themselves, as seen in the testimonials from satisfied clients who have experienced the transformative power of our work. 

      LinkedIn and ITV case study

      Back in 2010, we made history as the first agency outside the USA to create films like this for LinkedIn. 

      This case study film features ITV, one of LinkedIn's clients, and the impact that using LinkedIn’s recruiting solutions has had on ITV’s business. 

      The brief was to tell the story of how LinkedIn played a pivotal role in boosting ITV's recruitment strategy. They wanted to connect with passive candidates, elevate their brand presence in the market, and achieve a more cost-effective 'cost per hire.'

      The video also has broad appeal and is suitable for a diverse audience, whether the viewer is new to the topic or a seasoned pro.

      Eye Surgery Case Study

      For this case study film we had dual clients – working with STAAR Surgical & a number of eye clinics.   They wanted to create a series of case study films to spread the word about how effective the product is and how it can help people.  2,000,000 lenses have been sold worldwide but in the UK the market isn’t as established – so we were instructed to help build the UK brand.  The clinics also wanted to build trust in their surgeons & showcase their clinics. Ultimately, they all wanted to direct interested people to more detailed information about the procedure on their websites.

      RNCF case study

      The Royal National Children's Foundation (RNCF), is a British charity that supports around 400 vulnerable and underprivileged children by giving them the incredible opportunity to attend state and independent boarding schools and day schools. 

      While the number of lives that RNCF transform is huge, this case study video shows the power of a personal, individual story, as we hear from Chinonso and the impact the charity has had on her.

      Capsule CRM case study

      And here’s a case study video we produced for a supplier we use at Liquona, Capsule CRM. This case study addresses some of the challenges that many of Capsule’s target market might be facing themselves and explains how Capsule’s product solves them. Because it’s told from the client’s perspective it’s much more effective and credible than if Capsule created a sales video listing the features and benefits available.

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      • What are the benefits of using case study videos?
        Case study videos offer loads of benefits to businesses, making them an invaluable tool for marketing and communication: Credibility and trust: Case study videos provide real-world evidence of a business's capabilities. They showcase successful outcomes and satisfied customers, boosting credibility and trust among potential clients or partners. Engagement: Videos are inherently engaging. They combine visuals, audio, information, emotion and storytelling to capture and maintain viewers' attention, making it easier to convey complex information and hold the audience's interest. Lead capture: Well-optimised case study videos can attract potential customers who are actively searching for solutions to their problems. They can also be gated behind forms to capture lead information for further engagement. Demand Generation: As well as capturing leads from people who are already looking for your solutions, case study videos can create additional demand too. At any given moment, most of your target market is not looking for your solution. Many of them might not even be aware they’re experiencing a problem and are just living with it as a challenge in their lives. Case study films provide a unique way to highlight the challenges you address and show your target audience the solutions that are available to them. Increased conversions: For big ticket items and B2B sales, potential customers need to be reassured that they’re making the right decision before they sign a contract or part with their cash. Case study videos are able to give them that confidence as they’ll hear from real people they can relate to. Competitive advantage: Businesses that use case study videos stand out in a crowded marketplace, particularly if you’re able to showcase some household names or marque brands you work with for a particular niche.
      • How can you promote your case study video?
        Your website is the shop window for your business, and case study videos are a great asset to add to your site. But it doesn’t need to be the only place you use them. Because case studies provide reassurance to potential customers that your customers are happy with your offering, you should make them easy to find for your sales team so they can include them in proposals they send to prospective customers. Similarly, you might also include links to your case study films in email nurturing campaigns. Case studies can also open the eyes of your potential market to challenges they’re facing that you’re able to help them overcome. Video works brilliantly in social media, both paid ads and organic, so can reach your target market who might not be looking for your solutions at that point in time. For the same reason, you can also embed a thumbnail of the case study video into the email signatures of some of your employees, particularly ones who are often in contact is prospects or existing customers. By featuring a relevant case study video in the email signature of your customer support or account managers, you can raise awareness of new products and services which your existing customers may not be aware of. You can showcase study films on screens on a stand at a conference or exhibition you’re attending. These venues are usually noisy so, even if you have the sound on you’ll want to use captions. However, moving image helps capture the eye of delegates as they walk around the exhibition hall, and increase the likelihood of of them stopping by your stand.