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      We’re a corporate video production company based in Surrey and London. We engage your audience, connect with them emotionally and convince them to take action – all through the power of video. 

      We offer full service video production, including help with concept, scripting, pre-production, filming and editing. Sit back and let us take care of everything for you. 

      You can choose from recruitment videos, explainer videos and even virtual reality videos too. 

      Whatever your need, we can walk you through the entire process and create a video that achieves your goals. 


      Types of Corporate Video

      Corporate Events

      Need someone to film your corporate event? Or maybe you’d like to live stream your event and need some help? We’re experienced in remote setups and can make you look like a professional TV broadcaster!

      Promotional Films

      Show off your new product, or use a corporate video to communicate who you are to your target audience. It’s our mission to ‘make you look good’. 

      Recruitment Videos

      Finding talent isn’t easy. With video, you can help candidates understand more about your business. It also helps them to picture what it’ll be like to work there. 

      Benefits of Corporate Videos for Your Business

      Increase ROI

      Videos can be used for so many purposes: on your homepage, social media, emails and even at live events. The possibilities are endless, meaning you’ll get a good return on your investment. Take a look at our homepage video services.

      Engage Users

      Video often leads to higher engagement compared to text-based formats. That’s because we can combine images and sound to spark an emotional response in the viewer. 

      Define Your Identity

      Video is a great branding tool. It can communicate who you are, what you do and what you stand for as a corporate entity.

      Why Choose Liquona

      We Never Go Over Budget

      We know what we can achieve within our means and we always stick to that promise. 

      We’re Award Winning

      We’ve been recognised as a Television Top 40 production company, meaning third-party experts trust us to provide excellent services. 

      We Have a Talented Team

      Our production team have worked for organisations including the BBC, so they know a thing or two about corporate video production. 

      Corporate Video Case Studies

      Corporate Video Portfolio 

      CIPHR Branded Homepage Video

      Our corporate video for CIPHR clearly communicates who they are and how they solve problems for HR managers. We took care of everything, including casting live actors, to create a high quality end product. 

      “The quality of the video is outstanding, I'm over the moon!” - David Richter. Director of Marketing, CIPHR

      Read CIPHR Case Study

      Loomis Recruitment Video

      We helped Loomis increase driver applications and improve retention stats by 50%! This included producing a longer video and a shorter version for social media. 

      Read Loomis Case Study

      Payment Sense Product Video

      We engaged the client’s target audience by using humour to raise awareness of their product. 

      Read Payment Sense Case Study

      How the Corporate Video Production Process Works

      Every project starts with us listening to you and clearly defining the goals for the project.

      We start by identifying the audience, and understanding what they do and don't know about the subject matter.  From here we work with you to design a video that will reach the audience with the right message at the right time.

      Throughout the production process we involve you so that you always understand the requirements of the project.


      • What is corporate video production?
        Any video communication for a corporation or business is classed as corporate video.
      • Why should I invest in a corporate video?
        Video is simply the best way to reach a target audience with a message. If you're looking to bring change / more sales / more applications / brand support, then corporate video production is the right choice for you.
      • What makes a good corporate video?
        All good video production starts with understanding your audience, and what they already know. From here we design an engaging communications piece from the ground up.
      • How much does a corporate video cost?
        As with any service industry, budgets vary greatly. If you don't know your budget then a reference video is a great place to start, as we can estimate the budget required to match the production.