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      What's involved in live-action video

      A live-action video could be as simple as a one minute interview with a chief exec, or a one hour drama with multiple actors and locations.

      Every live-action project is broken down into three key stages:

      • Pre-production
      • Production (the filming)
      • Post-production

      Live Action Pre-production

      The planning for any production is simply the most important bit. This is where every piece of content is carefully thought about from a visual and content perspective.

      We have a saying: CONTENT IS KING.

      With careful planning, you will get a lot more out of your filming day. As a general rule, one filming day should have two pre-production days.

      Live Action Production

      The film production is definitely the most exciting part! Filming will usually take place either in a studio or on location. Crews can range in size from a single person to upwards of fifty people.

      What is a normal crew size for live-action video?

      There is no 'off the shelf' answer to this question. We always try to send a minimum of a three person crew, this would include: a director, camera operator and assistant.

      A simple rule = the bigger the crew the better the 'production values'.

      The Edit

      The editing process is where the visuals start to come alive. The same content from a single shoot could be used to make an infinite number of films. Every edit decision shapes how the finished film will turn out, which is why we make sure we truly understand your requirements from the start.

      Editing is all about story telling, you have to hook in the viewer and keep them engaged with the content all the way through.

      Once the narrative is locked down we start on a few specialist processes including:

      • Colour grading
      • Sound mixing
      • Special FX
      • Adding motion graphics

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