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      Meet TV Advert Production Company Liquona

      TV Commercials are the most effective form of advertising*.

      Liquona has been producing TV adverts for years.  We've seen first hand the impact that a good TV campaign can have for a brand.

      Traditionally, to get a TV advert to air, you’d have to go to a big Ad agency. They’d come up with a big idea but go to a production house to make and edit the advert. Then, they’d spend your millions on distribution. But those days are gone!

      Liquona is a one stop shop for your TV Advert production.  We listen to your needs and your objectives for the campaign.  We design the campaign, we lead the creative, we create the advert in house and we get you on TV.

      For smaller businesses, we recommend utilising AdSmart by Sky. This is a highly targeted form of TV advertising meaning budgets start in the low thousands, not hundreds of thousands, meaning TV advertising is affordable for any business.

      We believe in TV so much that we even made our own TV advert!

      *Source: 'Effectiveness in a changing media landscape,2016, Binet & Field IPA.'

      Case Study - Fire & Rescue

      This recruitment advert was created for Fire & Rescue services.  Liquona were responsible for all creative, all production and all dissemination.

      The advert was played out on AdSmart from Sky, to a very targeted audience throughout the recruitment catchment areas.

      We love our advert and are proudly using to recruit personnel in the Surrey area. We are using the ad on our social channels, both organic and paid for, and local targeted TV advertising campaign, all taken care of by LIQUONA. This couldn’t be any easier, giving us time to get on with other key priorities.

      Sophie Read - Senior Comms Manager, Surrey Council.


      The campaign was a huge success and they received over 200% more applications than their target .

      Case Study - Curchods Prime

      This TV advert was created for the Prime brand of estate agents Curchods.  Liquona were responsible for all creative, production and  dissemination.

      The advert was played out on AdSmart from Sky, to a very targeted audience profile sited in the catchment area for Curchod's offices in the South East.

      Once again thank you for all the hard work that's gone into creating the adverts. From the scoping, to filming and finishing up, it really has been a pleasure working with you.

      Graeme Wadhams - Marketing Director


      The ad resulted in millions of pounds worth of attributable sales for Curchods Prime.

      What is involved in advert production?

      The best place to start is with a clear brief and clear success indicators for your campaign.  We take care of everything else.

      For any TV advert production we recommend starting with a scoping stage where we explore many creative routes. You can read our guide to making an engaging advert to learn more. This can involve running focus groups with your target audience to ensure that the advert ticks the right boxes.

      Once we know the creative route we plan the media (where the advert will be shown and who to), and from this we go into production.

      We guide you through the entire process start to finish.  You're in safe hands!

      Different Types of TV Advert


      DRTV – or direct response TV advertising – is where your audience are directed to perform a specific action. For example, they may be directed to call a number or visit a website.


      These kinds of TV advert focus on a specific product or service. They can be used to explain how a product or service works, and are similar to DRTV adverts. However, they’re more tailored to one specific product, rather than the business as a whole.


      Branding videos build awareness of your company. They may want to communicate a specific message or make the audience member feel something. Usually, they set the tone for a brand, rather than selling a specific product.


      We’ve Never Gone Over Budget

      We take your budget very seriously and promise that we’ll never go over. In fact, we’ve never gone over budget in any video we’ve worked on.

      We’re Award Winning

      Proud to be a ‘Television Top 30’ company, and we’ve won numerous awards over the years. This is a testament to the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our customers.

      We’re An Experienced Team

      Our team is made up of talent from top UK organisations such as the BBC. Over the years, we’ve worked on any kind of video you can imagine, and we bring this experience to every project to make it a success.

      Still need convincing?

      We'd love to arrange a no obligation call with you to discuss how it works.

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      • How much does a TV Advert Cost to make?
        Production budgets vary greatly, with some prime time adverts costing millions to make. More realistic production budgets vary from £10,000 to £200,000.
      • How do we get the advert on TV?
        Liquona works with media agencies to get your advert on TV. We define an audience with you, and manage the dissemination on your behalf. Our main partner is Sky with AdSmart as they offer fantastic targeted advertising
      • What is Sky AdSmart?
        Essentially AdSmart is very targeted TV advertising. If two sky customers live next to each other, they're both watching different adverts in the same advert break. To find out how, get in touch and we'd love to arrange a demo.
      • How long does TV Advert Production take?
        With no deadlines and pressure we'd allow about 8 weeks from concept to delivery. We can of course work faster, and some projects take longer too.
      • Why is advertising on TV effective?
        A study from The Global TV Group found that TV accounts for 90% of the average viewer’s video time, meaning TV has the potential to reach a huge audience base compared to other platforms. With services like Sky AdSmart, you can tailor your messaging to specific audiences, so they’re more likely to be engaged in your advert. Not only that, compared to text-based advertising, TV adverts combine image and sound too, offering a more immersive and involving experience.