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TV Advertising

Does video advertising work? Is TV still relevant?

Heck yeah! Brands that want to go anywhere need media with mass reach and scale, and they need to engage with customers on an emotional level. Only video advertising delivers that, and TV advertising is still the most effective form of video advertising services, especially when used with online video. Research shows that investing in TV increases campaign effectiveness by 40%, making it the most effective medium. It is also the best for generating top-line growth that drives profit, with a 2.6% average market share point gained per year when using TV advertising. (Source: 'Effectiveness in a changing media landscape,2016, Binet & Field IPA.' )

Nothing compares with TV for sheer reach. In the UK TV advertising is also carefully regulated, which is why it is a far more trusted form of advertising in the public's mind when compared with online which is perceived to be an unregulated medium.

Be seen on TV and viewers will view you differently: TV builds brand fame.

TV is still the leader for those young digital savy pups out there too.. For 16-24 year olds TV advertising accounts for 87% of all their video advertising time per day, seen in full and with sound; and as they get older their TV viewing only increases. (Source: 2015 BARB/ comScore Video / OFCOM Digital Day 2014)

Want to start TV advertising services? We take care of everything from concept to production and then delivery to the broadcasters, we can help brands big and small harness the power of advertising.

We have media partners who will help with the distribution of your ad across a range of media including Out of Home, Print, Radio, TV and Online, meaning we are the one stop shop to get your brand out there and building your business.

Call to discuss what video advertising including a TV commercial could do for you: 0207 757 7473