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      School Promotional Video Services

      We own and operate 'The School Film Company' brand, a specialist service launched in 2012. With a wealth of experience in the education sector, we’re your ideal partner for producing school promotional videos.

      We’ve worked with countless schools, colleges and universities. Whether you want to drive admissions, recruit new staff members or have another need in mind, we make it our mission to ‘help you look good.

      We're passionate about the power of video. We produce school prospectus videos that look good enough for TV, that have wide appeal and which leave your competitor’s videos looking like ‘the old school.’

      Browse our portfolio of work, read our customer reviews, then give us a call to celebrate your school through video!

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      £6,999 + VAT

      • Initial site visit 
      • Help with planning for the shoot
      • Assistance with the script 
      • 3 person crew for 2 days (up to 9 hours on site per day)
      • High quality equipment, including broadcast quality HD cameras, professional sound recording and post production equipment.
      • Work experience opportunities for your pupils. We’ll even support them to shoot some scenes if they get on well!
      • Beautifully crafted shots of the school, voice over recording and presented pieces to camera.
      • Carefully considered post production and picture grade to make a stunning 2 minute film, cut stylishly to copyright cleared music.
      • File optimised for use online.
      • Tweaks to the edit to ensure you're more than delighted with the end result.

      We hold full public and employer liability insurance and will provide a risk assessment prior to filming your prospectus video.

      Please note that not all crew members are DBS checked. We are not responsible for students whilst we are on site.

      Backed with
      Expert Services

      You don’t need an hour-long documentary to promote your school. When browsing through schools’ promotional material, your target audience won’t want to watch hours of video. Gen Z are used to short, bite-sized videos that catch their attention quickly – which is why our 2-minute school promotional videos work so well.

      Our School Film Company service operates on the same principles as our TV commercial production: Amaze people in a short space of time and give them a rich and intense visual experience. Our films say as much through the imagery as the script does verbally. We then leave the audience delighted and wanting to find out more.

      Tedious and drawn out prospectus films have been expelled!

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      Why Choose Liquona?

      Drive Admissions

      We have a track record for producing videos that deliver a great return on investment. Our school promotional videos not only engage your audience, but convince them to take action, helping to drive admissions.


      We’ve made videos for huge organisations including Comic Relief and the NHS, who have trusted us with our services. We create high quality videos using the latest technology to deliver the best results for your school. Read our testimonials to see what our clients say about us.


      Our team have worked in organisations including the BBC. They’re a talented bunch who have backgrounds in TV, corporate communications and more. Since 2012, we’ve been helping schools with 'The School Film Company’. Our 10 years of experience means we can deliver exactly what you need for your school, whether that be a video prospectus or staff recruitment video.

      Full Package

      At Liquona, we take care of everything for you. That involves pre-production, production and editing too. We’ll work with you to bring your vision to life, helping at every stage of the process to show your audience how great your school, college or university is.


      • What is the purpose of a promotional video for schools?
        Video is a great way of showcasing your school to prospective parents. It gives you a chance to show what happens behind closed doors, and to convince them that it’s the right setting for their child. In turn, they may be more likely to choose your school for their education.
      • What makes a good school promotional video?
        A good school promotional video should look professional and be engaging for the viewer. It should inspire parents, caregivers and prospective students alike. In turn, a good video will convince your audience to enrol at your school.
      • How long should a promotional video be?
        Videos for open days should be 2-3 minutes, and online videos should be 60-90 seconds long. This ensures the video is concise and gets across your message in a quick, digestible and memorable way.