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      Healthcare and Medical Creative Services

      We equip healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical providers to communicate better through impactful moving image.

      We enable patients or colleagues to understand medical information by creating professional, clear and highly engaging healthcare videos.

      We create medical and healthcare productions that are both emotive and informative. We find that moving image content is the most impactful, attention grabbing and memorable way to connect with audiences of all types.

      Our videos, webapps, animations and digital innovations such as virtual reality are proven to move viewers to action and change perceptions.

      As specialists in healthcare content, we have successfully produced over 470 videos in the Healthcare sector in the last 13 years, navigating strict regulations and the unique pressures of the pharma sector.

      We are the UK's premier independent medical creative services experts, ready to partner with you and your other partner agencies.

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      Agencies we serve


      • Navigating the creative through approval and sign off.
      • Delivering creative work to tight deadlines.
      • Producing all forms of creative content: Video, animation, web apps, VR, MOA, rare diseases, advocacy.
      • Sensitive and pressured projects: we understand healthcare.
      • Delivering against your KPIs.
      • Award winning patient communications:
      • Compliance with the ABPI code.
      • A member of the Healthcare Communications Association.
      • We innovate medical video productions through Virtual Reality (VR), interactive training films, congress displays and more.

      As experts in medical productions, we want to make you look good.  Our systems and processes are designed to ensure that your video project is delivered on time and on budget.  In fact, we have never gone over budget.

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      What are the benefits of having health and medical creative productions made?

      Video is a powerful tool, and makes up the base of our healthcare communications work. Video moves people. Video production can reach your audience, with your message. This makes medical communications more memorable, helping you to achieve your communications goals.

      A complete medical creative production package

      Our healthcare services offer you the complete package. We help you through each stage of the creative process, asking you your requirements and making sure your needs are met. We help manage all stages of the production.
      Let us take the pressure off the video element of your digital strategy. We are healthcare and medical video production experts; meaning that you don't have to be.


      • Why should we use video?
        Video is a great way to get across complex ideas in a way that’s easy to understand. The combination of visuals, sound and text create a more immersive and memorable experience. In a healthcare setting, this can be useful to help educate and engage your audience. It’s great for patient videos, med ed and communication.
      • What type of healthcare videos do you provide?
        We offer live action videos, 2D & 3D videos, VR and 360 video, plus live event streaming. In short, no matter what you’re looking for, we have specialists to bring your vision to life.