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3D Animation Portfolio

3D animation

We produce many animated videos, and our in-house expertise includes 3D motion graphics.
3D animations require 3D assets to be built using CAD software, these assets are then animated in professional software.
Because the assets are three dimensional in their construction, the animation will have full 360 capability for the perspective that the assets can be seen from, enabling the assets to move through all 3 planes of movement, and allowing the viewer’s ‘camera angle’ to move through the landscape in any way required!

3D assets can range from a very simple ‘low poly’ construction, through to a truly lifelike level of realism with careful design, textures and lighting. This complete control allows an object to be manipulated in any way desired, and for the object to be perfect and free from any ‘blemishes’.
You will have seen more 3D animation than you realise, especially in Television Advertisement!

All animations lend themselves well to explaining and showing content which is otherwise hard to visualise. Video Animation are particularly good at showing off products, or making a strong feature of an object as a metaphor to help understand a process.

3D animation is a more complex and specialised process than 2D animation. 3D motion graphics are therefore more distinctive and will help your animation video stand out from the crowd more.
If you are a brand operating in a crowded digital space; using 3D animation or incorporating 3D graphic flourishes in to your 2D animation may be worth considering - just ask our advice.

Inevitably 3D animations are more time consuming and therefore costly to produce, but there are some exceptions.
If the 3D animation style is kept simple, it can be less expensive than complex 2D animation.
3D can also help solve some ‘problems’ for 2D animations, even making them cheaper or better overall! For example if an asset is to be used repeatedly in a 2D animation, building it well in 3D as a working model might mean it is then quick to replicate and set in any pose, from any angle.

We can usually import client’s CAD design files such as architect’s designs or product manufacturing design files, which we can then animate to quickly give a lifelike representation.
We can also build 3D models entirely from scratch.
We’re here to help - Let’s get you animated!

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