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2D Animation Portfolio

2D Animation

We produce as many motion graphics animated videos as we do live action videos.
Because both are done in-house, we can also pepper animation and visual effects (VFX) in to our live action videos to give them flair and Va va voom.
Our animators can do virtually anything!

2D animation is a cost effective, ‘flat’ style of motion graphics, enabling clients to say and show virtually anything.
All animations lend themselves well to explaining and showing content which is otherwise hard to visualise. 2D animations are have a contemporary and popular look and can be designed to work exceptionally well on mobile devices using block colours, which aids their compression and streaming, and therefore their playback quality.

Often called ‘explainer animations’ by our cousins on the other side of the pond, 2D animations can be the perfect solution for showing a process or service which is otherwise hard to visualise or communicate.
For example we have produced animations for our clients to help staff understand the new corporate structure, for patients to understand their treatment journey, to create an identity for a new brand, to explain retail apps to a client’s customers, and to explain who companies are and how their service works amongst many other applications for our clients.

Two factors affect the cost for any animation: The complexity and the final duration.
Duration: Every second of animation is made from ‘thin air’ as a result of designer and animator time, so the longer the animation, the more time it takes and the more it costs.
Complexity: How long it takes to make each second of animation depends on how complex both the design work is, and how complex the animation movements are.
When we talk about an animation’s complexity, we grade it as the film’s ‘production values’. More info about production values can be found here. Examples of our animations at varying levels of production values include Economy Production Values (EPV), Mid-Production Values (MPV) and High Production Values (HPV).

If you need help with your explainer video production then please fill in our quote form or contact us today, and please take a look at the animations we have produced to the different production values detailed above, to help inform our conversation with you.

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