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Finance Video Portfolio

Experts at Financial video services

LIQUONA is your ideal partner for producing any genre of communications video in the financial services sector.

We help many well known financial brands to communicate their messages with a style and clarity that we have become renowned for, whilst deftly navigating the regulatory constraints of the sector.

We have produced both Live action films and animation videos to help some of the UK’s biggest brands to communicate a range of messaging requirements.
The financial services sector is now one of our biggest markets. We attribute our growing success in the sector to three things:

  1. To our prioritising of the content; it’s the most crucial thing to get right; no ‘substance over style’ allowed.
  2. To our clear and structured production process which allows for all stakeholder input at the critical stages whilst also giving space for creative development, and keeping things moving forward.
  3. To our desire to bring any subject matter alive, no matter what it is. Everything we do is delivered with a passion and flair that makes our videos as engaging and refreshing for the audience as possible.

Whether you are a communications or marketing agency or a communications or marketing team in a city firm, we are the perfect partner for your next video project and we make the process easy for you.

We can help you with all elements of the video process from the creative concept – content and design development, production and then delivery and hosting with analytics to provide the metrics that you require.
We deliver all genres of film production from live action film, to animation, to a combination of the two, 360 videos and even interactive videos.