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      It can be hard to know what to do with your finished video!
      Our custom branded player can be changed to match any branding:

      Our player…


      We will monitor your video to check it’s performing as it should be, in the first few months of launch and annually.

      We will let you know if we notice anything amiss with the video’s performance and suggest how we can change it, or ideas to exploit any opportunities it presents

      Sample viewing report:

      Video hosting example report - Liquona

      In this example most of the viewers are dropping off at about 2:10. We identified why and suggested changes to the film to increaseΒ  audience retention.

      Anything else?

      Yes, there is lots more! We know how to optimise your video to look great online and achieve better SEO!

      We will set your video up, brand the player, add a custom start and end screen and provide you with an embed code to easily copy and paste into your website, social media or emails!

      We can even add an email ‘catch’ on the video. This can go at the end of the film to encourage the user to get more information. It can even go at the start and will not play the video unless an email address is added!


      Can’t we arrange our own hosting?

      Of course; the video is yours. However if your server isn’t a video server then the pressure of video hosting could cause problems. Also, don’t just use YouTube unless you are happy for adverts, ‘next up’ videos to be offered and to lose viewers to the wider YouTube experience.

      Hosting and service for just Β£99 + VAT per video / year

      Call us today to arrange your video hosting! 0207 7577 473