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      Charity Video Portfolio

      Charity Video Production

      At LIQUONA we understand the power of video in the third sector. We've built up a pretty impressive portfolio by working for charities across the globe, from the UK to the Congo. You can trust that we're experts in charity video production. We've even won awards for our charity videos for Tearfund that have been used for television campaigns!

      We offer great discounts on our charity video services so fill in our Quote Request Form for more information and take a look at our charity showreel and take a look at our charity showreel or our charity video production services.

      We know NGOs

      One of our NGO clients told us that they appreciate our ability to  

      ...leave light footprints on the ground.

      We were thrilled with this feedback!  We know how to tell stories, capture stunning visuals, and direct seemingly effortless sequences. Crucially we also add to your work, not hinder it.

      We understand the need to be culturally appropriate and are mindful of the work of our clients. Therefore, when we shoot ‘in the field‘ we aim to contribute to your efforts and strengthen the relationships there, not to exhaust them.

      Our charity video production services have taken us to urban and rural settings in Ghana, Nepal, Peru, Egypt, Sierra Leone, Cambodia and Uganda to name a few. Our team are very experienced at packing the right equipment to suit the job and the filming methods that work best in foreign cultures and climates.

      We've gladly received CBC Media Awards for Best Newcomer and Best Production, and Best Documentary, all awarded for our overseas charity films.

      Behind the Scenes

      Our award winning charity video production team at work around the world

      Charity video production - ghana

      Producing charity videos - sierra leone

      behind the scenes - oliver hall

      producing charity videos - laos

      video production from Liquona London