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      Liquona were commissioned by a2 Milkβ„’ to produce two animated explainer videos for the global release of landmark research about the effects of two types of natural milk on lactose intolerant sufferers. This new study suggests sufferers could drink milk again!

      To explain a little… there are two types of cows that produce two different proteins in milk, A1 protein cows and A2 protein cows, the research discovered it was the cows that produced the A1 protein in milk that was causing gut discomfort, the cows that produced A2 protein in milk had no effects.

      This 3D animation is for healthcare professionals and required a detailed explanation of the effects on the gut: Prepare yourself for a graphic visualisation of diarrhoea. As this was a global launch, we also produced Mandarin and American versions of the animation.

      The animation was very well received by our client and the campaign has now been launched globally, including a feature on BBC news.

      We do 3D animation, we do healthcare videos, we give our clients a good gut feeling…