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      Production Values Explained

      The higher the production value the more engaging your film will be.

      At LIQUONA we put our client’s budget on screen, which means that the greater the budget, the more we can do for you.


      Production Value Examples

      Below are various examples of each value. Explore these example videos to see which video would best suit your company.




      What about animation?

      To understand more about production values for our animations and to see examples at each level, see our animated videos.


      The Production Value Stats

      There’s no wonder that the X factor pull of some high production shows when they’ve got 12 cameras filming! Having lots of cameras means you can regularly switch camera angle, keeping the energy high. Every time you switch angle you give the audience a different perspective and this helps to keep them interested.  Imagine watching a live X-Factor final from just one camera position, we guarantee you would switch off after a few minutes.

      Across this website, the videos with high production values have an average engagement of 51% compared to those with mid, which have engagement of 38%. Engagement in this context refers to the total watch time of the video.

      The higher the audience retention and engagement the more likely you will be to achieve a return on investment.

      Every video LIQUONA make is bespoke.  If you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to help!