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      Best of the Web #6

      Another week, another batch of cool stuff we’ve found online. Everything from Apple fanboy baiting adverts to really neat stop motion and animations.

      Cheeky Samsung Galaxy SII ad

      We love Apple here at Liquona, we really do, but we also love how cheeky Samsung have been with this advert. I’d love to see how Apple respond, if they respond at all.


      If you haven’t seen this video already then you must live in a wifi free cave in Siberia. This video appeared early last week and literally exploded and become one of the funniest viral videos this year. Luckily no Deer, Dogs or people were hurt.


      In America Thanksgiving is a time when families get together and have a great meal, the guys from Epic Meal Time love took this and made it extreme! Watch their latest video where they make a 80,000 calorie meal for their friends. If anyone could actually finish one of these Turbaconepicentipede’s then fair play, but I imagine they probably won’t need to eat again till March or April the next year.

      Call from Jail

      Probably my favourite sketch comedians on YouTube are back with impressionistΒ Dan Oster who reels off loads in order to escape jail. The switch from Obama to mental actor Gary Busey near the end is brilliant!

      Address is Approximate

      This is a brilliantly constructed stop motion animation about a small toy robot that wants to see what it’s like to drive on the open road. Packed with tonnes of clever and inventive ideas and the best use of Google Street View I’ve ever seen. Besides using it to look at your own house. Don’t tell me you haven’t done that…


      One of two particularly good animations now. This ones got a tune so catchy it won’t leave your head for weeks and an animation so lovely and clever your dreams will look like this for a while.

      The Loner

      Another great animation, one that’ll make you happy 100% guaranteed (or your money back)