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      TV Advertising | Sky AdSmart

      At LIQUONA we think when the right customers get the right things - businesses can really grow.

      That’s why we make TV adverts which are only shown in the type of homes and postcodes that you select, broadcast through the Sky TV network.

      (Yes that really is a game changer. It’s called addressable TV advertising)

      Addressable TV advertising means that whatever the shape or size of your business, you can now afford to grow it with the scale, reach and fame that only TV advertising brings.

      LIQUONA are your one stop shop to get on air:

      • We develop the creative
      • We produce your TV ad
      • We handle all of the technical and regulatory requirements

      Advertise your business on TV with LIQUONA: The right ads to the right customers. Take a look at our tv advertising services.

      Start by booking a free consultation, where we can advise if TV advertising is right for your business and what options you have.

      Call 0207 7577473

      More about AdSmart

      We deliver our targeted, addressable TV ads to the right customers in association with AdSmart from Sky.

      AdSmart is a revolutionary approach to TV advertising which levels the playing field; businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from the advertising impact of TV. With AdSmart different ads can be shown to different households watching the same programme. This means brands and businesses can now advertise on national channels, but to relevant audiences.

      Households can be selected based on factors such as age, location, life style or even if they have pets! The data is derived from a combination of Sky’s own customer data and information from consumer profiling experts such as Experian.

      Working with Sky we’ll help you to segment the right audience for your business and your budget.

      The power of TV can now be used to greater effect by existing advertisers and those new to TV advertising, niche brands, small & medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and location-specific advertisers.

      More about LIQUONA

      We are a highly creative and agile visual production agency.

      We keep our nails short and our teeth brushed.

      Our promise to clients of any size, shape or sector is very simple and  always the same, and it is the reason we are now one of the UK’s Top 40 production agencies according to Televisual: We make you look good.

      We translate your brand and your messages to look good on screen, but crucially we do it with outstanding service, to make you look good for choosing LIQUONA.

      We keep the creativity high and the headaches low, making great content an affordable and easily accessible reality.

      Just call us on 0207 7577473

      and we’ll gladly answer your questions.

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