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      Are you looking to get more enquires?

      This tried and tested video sales package is the answer!  Individual videos are great, but they work much better when they are built into a campaign that is designed to last a period of months.

      Our testing has revealed that a 12 month campaign with the associated content is the most effective.

      Our stats show that of the people who play the video they are TEN times more likely to make an enquiry through our website than those who don’t watch the video...

      David - Octopus HR


      Your 12 month Video Strategy

      We know that your campaign will be more effective and you will generate more sales if you create multiple pieces of content.

      Our 12 month plan includes content that has been carefully designed to reach the right audience at the right time.  This results in multiple videos and social media content.   We even help with dissemination (getting your viewers to view your video), that might be a paid campaign on Linkedin, or YouTube adverts, among other options.

      Below is an outline of what is included but of course it's all bespoke and can be adjusted to your requirements.

      First 3 months... 

      • Setup and establish current enquiry rate
      • Film the first client case study video
      • Launch the client case study video and monitor response rate
      • Customer research questionnaire sent to client base and analysed
      • Case study promotion pack for social media

      Months 3 - 6

      • Production of two product specific sales videos (either animation or live action)
      • GIFs for social media 
      • Designed email signature template
      • Measure the impact and of the sales campaign thus far
      • Preparation for the main sales video in the next period

      Months 6 - 9

      • Homepage ‘This Is Us’ film
      • Behind the scenes images for social media
      • 10 second 'trailer' of the main homepage film
      • Social media edits and GIFs
      • Dissemination campaign designed to get maximum exposure to your audience

      Months 9 - 12

      • Launch of 'This Is Us' dissemination campaign
      • Production of case study film number 2
      • Case study promotion pack
      • Measure the impact and of the sales campaign
      • Open the champagne!

      Save over £25,000!

      Normal cost if commissioned individually = £85,000 + VAT

      Cost for the package £5,000 + VAT per month - Saving £25,000!

      Other benefits include:

      • Monthly performance reports from your account manager
      • Quicker response times
      • Dedicated monthly hours to be reactive to industry changes and updates

      If your enquiry rate doesn’t increase by 20% you’ll get a further case study video free of charge

      Start your journey to increased sales now!

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