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      A Passion Piece

      This is a 'passion piece' created by one of our animators, Dan.

      Dan is passionate about animation, and in particular he wanted to explore relationships between movement and music, showing how engaging a piece just these two ingredients can create!

      In many projects, the music comes later in the process, after the messaging, script and storyboard have been developed. However in this passion piece, Dan was able to start with the music and to build everything on it.

      Schhh... Don't tell anyone,Β but the visual concept and design style had originally featuredΒ in aΒ Liquona pitch for a client. Whilst the client didn't choose this concept, we liked it so much that we wanted to see it brought to life anyway, which Dan was able to do in spare studio time.

      This piece shows that music is a powerful part of the animation experience, and should not be considered as an unnecessary cost or inconvenience.

      Good music makes moving image 'sing', lets moving image 'fire on all cylinders' and breathes life in to your content.

      Music sets the tone and rhythm for the designer to work to and in turn sets the energy and ambition for your brand.

      Read more about how music features in the production process on our Power of Music page.

      By contrast, to see how live action video can be cut to music, watch the Grohe Truck Tour film here as a great example.