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      As specialists in financial retirement solutions, our client 'Just' realised many customers were unfamiliar with key financial terminology. Just commissioned Liquona to make an initial series of 12 short ‘Jargon Buster’ animations for their website to simply and clearly explain core terms and concepts. The subjects ranged from ‘Retail Price Index’ and ‘Credit Score’ to more complex topics like ‘Compound Interest’ and ‘Annuities’!

      We knew that solid scripts were a critical starting point for these explainer videos, but we also wanted to keep the animation deliberately 'fuss-free' in order to avoid any distractions from the main messaging. Working with the client, we developed simple iconography and an isometric style to give an illusion of diagonal perspective which allowed for clear-cut animation. It was important that the iconography was immediately understandable as well as consistent across the whole animation series.

      To produce this quantity of animations for our client’s deadline meant we needed to assign a team of animators to the project. The challenge here was to ensure the final videos were seamless in terms of design and style, and to scrupulously manage the production process to deliver them on time and on budget.

      We’re really pleased with the end result – and our client commissioned further animations in the Jargon Busters series.