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      This film for Naked Wines is a fantastic example of how 360 video can be used to great effect. How better to show a vineyard and winery than by placing your viewer right in the middle of it? The narrative of the film is driven by one of Naked Wines’ winemakers, who leads the viewer through the the different stages and locations, explaining the impact that Naked Wines and their ‘Angels’ have had on his story.

      The power of 360 video allowed the presenter to directly invite the viewer to look around the environment, creating an engaging and immersive experience.

      360 video opens up a whole world of possibilities… if this has peaked your interest, get in touch today and one of our Producers can talk you through the process.

      The client told us...

      “Thanks for all your help.. we demonstrated the video at our recent Tasting Tour and it went down an absolute storm! The quality was really impressive.”

      Laura, Naked Wines.