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      This explainer video for Octopus represents how video can be used to communicate a message.

      Explainer videos are a powerful way of communicating a message to your target audience. In a short video it is possible to communicate complex information, something that traditional communications would struggle to do.

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      Here is what the client said about this video:

      “It’s impossible for me to overstate the impact that the explainer video has had on our business. It clearly explains the key benefits of a complex product and does so in a way that enhances our brand. We found that if a visitor to our website views the explainer video they are massively more likely to make an enquiry than someone who hasn’t watched it.

      For example, someone who lands on our website after searching Google for “HR Software” will request a quote a little over 2% of the time. If they watch the explainer video this enquiry rate shoots up to over 70%!!!
      With this in mind we’re currently redesigning the homepage of our website to make the video even more prominent.”

      David - Octopus HR

      This specific example highlights how the software works for our client Octopus HR.  For other example videos like this have a look at our online portfolio here.

      Liquona' role:

      Explainer Video Production // Animation // Voiceover // Motion Graphics by Liquona London

      octopus animation explainer video production motion graphics