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      Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes on a film shoot? We’ve complied some of our favourite behind the scenes videos from live action video shoots over the last couple of years.

      Interactive toggle video

      A bts video from a paramedic training video for Delta Kn.

      3D storybook animation

      Gain a deeper understanding of how we created this 3D animation to help raise awareness of Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD).

      Christian Aid TV advert

      There are so many different ways to create a tv advert, and many different types of tv advert depending on your desired goal. See how we helped Christian Aid celebrate their charity’s history on a 30 second tv ad.

      Green Screen

      We worked with Four Health to create a video for Accord Healthcare, for a video that was showcased at the European Society of Medical Oncology, watch our behind the scenes video to get an insight into the use of green screens!

      Legal Drama

      Discover how we created a dramatised training piece for the Association of Optometrists, how we filmed the drama on location, and how we manage the location with lighting, sound, and actors.

      Charity Appeal Film

      Probably one of our most exciting shoots to date, since we got to travel abroad and immerse ourselves in another culture. Follow some of our team across the globe and feel as if you were there filming yourself!

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