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      The Animation Process

      It all starts with the creative concept.

      With animation it is essential to know how the finished film is going to 'work' and look before we start the animation process.

      It's like knitting: The time to amend the design of a wooly jumper is before you knit, rather than after you have a finished garment!

      We treat animation in the same way - we focus our time and energy on the pre-production process, making sure you know exactly what you will get, before we start any animation.

      At concept stage we might present you with some reference films or mood boards to help you visualise the concepts we have in mind for you.

      One of our first questions will be 'What production value do you require?'

      Design & Script

      Once you are happy with the overall concept that we might take, we develop the script and the design. Here we take reference from any animations that you like, combine them with your brand look, add a little sparkle and voila... we have some design slates for you!

      These are like 'spot checks' on how a key asset or a scene might look at any given point of the script.

      Every project is different, but we may give you a few design options to feedback on before we refine them further to your requirements.

      The Storyboard

      The best way to have a clear dialogue about how your animation will function is to show it to you before we make it for you.

      This is the storyboard process. Here we work on the finest details of your animation, we consider how everything will work on screen and design all the assets for the animation, laid out 'scene by scene' on paper for your feedback.

      Storyboarding represents a significant amount of work for our designers, so can only happen once you are happy with the script and the design style, all considered in the previous production stage.


      All of the assets have been designed and agreed at storyboard stage and the voiceover script is now fully agreed.

      You can now choose your voiceover artiste and music track from a selection that we recommend to you.

      We are now ready to animate.

      As you have already seen the storyboard, you have a good idea of how the animation will look and what will be said and shown. When you see the first cut of the animation the only surprise should be just how well it all works together!

      We will take your feedback and action any changes required.

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