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Improve your internal comms with video

As companies get larger, it becomes increasingly difficult to communicate to the entire team.  According to a study by Melcrum, 93% of Internal Communications professionals agree that video has become essential

All things considered, this is hardly surprising buy cialis without a prescription. People are spending more time watching videos now than ever before, and this number is still on the rise! Even so, many companies are still relying on lengthy emails when it comes to informing their employees of what are often important notifications. Companies like these do not realise the impact a video promotion can have both within and outside of an organisation. 

Possible ways of using video for internal comms include:

  • Online training videos
  • Company-wide meetings
  • Important updates to company procedures
  • Boosting company morale
  • A message or presentation from your CEO

Employees often see this as a very personable approach, as it adds a face to leadership, and message. Video is instantly accessible to employees, particularly in this age of mobile devices and constant online presence. And when combating the endless slew of internal emails, it will most definitely stand out and be engaging!