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      Why Cancel Your Event When You Can Live Stream It

      The virtual event live streaming holy trinity:

      • Bad wifi connection
      • Hungry kids (we’ve all seen the BBC interviews)
      • Unreliable hosting platforms

      In January 2020 we were all gearing up for a year of fancy conferences, awards shows and live events. Yet, with that dream being quickly dismantled by the arrival of Covid-19, many businesses were forced to cancel.

      In a testament to its predecessor, 2021 is also not as predictable as we might like.

      But, why cancel your event when you can live stream it?

      ‘Host a successful virtual event! But how?’

      Well, we’re glad you asked. 

      Liquona’s tips for hosting a Virtual Event
      1. Stop biting your nails! Others have made mistakes so you don’t have to. This is a well trodden path – Liquona are live streaming experts.
      2. It’s not a simple copy and paste. There’s nothing like being able to read a room and see if your audience are engaged. Plan for a virtual audience. 
      3. Aim and fire. What is the purpose? Who are your audience? What will both you and your attendees gain? 
      4. Platforms or Stilettos? Which online platform will you use to host your event? Can Zoom support your content, or will you need a different platform? 
      5. Be the Hostess with the Most-ess. Offer a more sophisticated experience through targeted networking, or curated presentation stages built into a virtual venue. 
      Benefits of virtual events

      While in person events offer the opportunity for networking, socialising, (and often free lunch!), we must improvise, adapt, and overcome – Bear Grylls style.

      At Liquona, we understand how online communication is an essential means of connecting with friends, colleagues and clients. In a hyper-connected world, we can rely on online channels to establish and maintain communication among businesses. 

      Hosting a virtual event means: 

      • You can operate across timezones 
      • Wider audience reach because you’re not geographically limited 
      • Timeless content – you can make it the event available on demand
      • Offering a sophisticated virtual experience will position your brand as both innovative and agile 

      If you want to know how to start your virtual event (well, why else would you be reading the article), then contact us here 

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