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      We are proud to share this recent animation we created for membership body IBMS (Institute of Biomedical Science). This is IBMS’ inaugural moving image project; a public facing campaign to raise public awareness of Biomedical Scientists, sometimes considered a hidden part of the healthcare profession, and yet their work affects everyone!

      In the first two weeks the campaign achieved 81k views on Facebook and 258k views on twitter with the animation's 84k views attracting 5k interactions (comments, shares and likes) across varied platforms.
      This is a stunning response and shows the value of making comms collateral stylish and engaging, such that stakeholders across the profession will not only want to engage with the content; they’ll also become disseminators of it on your behalf!

      This is an example of our 'economy 2D animation’. It’s more affordable than you might think and offers outstanding ROI for the engagement level achieved; ask us for pricing.

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